Headshot of Bridget Holland, director of NoBull MarketingNoBull Marketing is owned and managed by Bridget Holland.

About Bridget Holland

In the last 20 years, I’ve held roles in marketing, business development and general management across three continents.

I love fixing problems and making things better.  I also love words and communication – blogs, articles and copywriting.  And I adore data and analysis too.

Digital marketing is fantastic. It combines creativity and analysis in equal portions. Even better, you can try something new, track results, then change it quickly if you need to!

Current certifications include:

Outside work, I love reading, writing and drawing. Also my kids, my cats, my garden and my husband. Not necessarily in that order!

You can connect with me on LinkedIn or on Twitter.

Why choose NoBull Marketing?

Marketing Consultants are a dime a dozen. Getting the right one for you can be a challenge.

Service business specialists

In particular, we work with businesses with a complex service offering.

For B2B that could be accounting, tax, law, software implementation, event management, training.

For B2C it could be services like accounting, natural therapy, astrology, fertility.

Why? Many people in these businesses struggle to work out what they are actually selling and what the value is. How does a service business ‘prove’ that it’s better than the competition and worth paying more for? How does it build a trust relationship so that price is not the key deciding factor? I love helping people work that out for their business.

Committed to small and medium businesses

Big businesses all look alike. Small businesses are all different and interesting. There’s also the chance to make a difference quickly rather than wading through politics, processes and approvals. Of course, the challenge is that budgets can be really tight, but I have some options to address that.

My particular expertise is with start-ups and fast-growing small-to-medium businesses.  As for industries, I’ve worked in events, transport, education, entertainment, telecommunications, online dating and publishing.

Focused on revenue and profitability.

I’ve had management positions in two businesses where there were no sales people. All revenue was driven by marketing only. So I am truly focused on the revenue and profit result, not on ‘vanity metrics’. (This is where ‘NoBull’ comes from.)

  • One of those businesses – a business conference company – sent me to Australia to open the business here. I achieved higher average numbers than the UK head office off a much smaller market, and we paid back all initial investment within 12 months of opening.
  • The other business was RSVP. In 2 years, I tripled revenues and positioned the company for sale to Fairfax at a price of nearly $40 million. Wish I’d had equity…

Focus on mentoring, sharing knowledge and open communication.

I prefer to work in-house, with your whole team. Everyone has insights to share. It helps me understand you and your business, so I can develop marketing which fits you.

I’ll always share the reasoning behind recommendations or plans, so that you can be comfortable with them. I also prefer to share skills and set up processes, so that repeat and ongoing activities can be handed over to your own team in the longer term.

And while there’s only one of me and I can’t do everything myself, I’ll never outsource to a third party without telling you and getting your approval.

About NoBull Marketing

I started NoBull Marketing (although it had a different name then) in 2006.

In December 2005, I lost my job when the company I was managing was sold to an international competitor. I enjoyed a break from the pressure at first, but then I started getting bored. So I helped some of my friends out with marketing and digital advice for their businesses. Fast forward ten years or so, and I’m still doing it!

Nowadays, NoBull Marketing is more than just Bridget Holland.

My role is to understand your business and the challenges you face, then find the best options to make things better.

I’m the only full-time employee, but I have support from some tried and trusted virtual team members.  They assist with admin, analysis and repeat tasks so I can focus on the strategic issues.

I also pull in expertise from my network as and when needed for specific client projects. (For example, I’ve never been a web developer or a web designer, and NoBull doesn’t do technical website work. But I know how to brief a designer, specify features or changes, and how to manage a project. And I have the skills and resources to look after content.)

NoBull works largely with service businesses, but whatever business you’re in, feel free to reach out. It’s always good to meet new people and I’ll happily chat to anyone for half an hour or so. If I learn something, great! If I manage to share one or two ideas which help your business, even better!