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4 benefits of surveys for business

Surveys are quick, easy and (with tools like SurveyMonkey) easily affordable for small to medium businesses. So how do you use them effectively? Let's look at four key benefits of surveys - plus hints on how to implement effectively in your small or medium business....

How to write a marketing brief

Good marketing always starts with a good brief.  If you're employing someone else to do some marketing for you, then the more information you give them, the better job they can do. So you must know how to write a marketing brief properly. Below, I have listed 7 key...

Pricing your time and expertise

Pricing your time and expertise is a challenge. So many of us in consulting and services businesses are, in the end, selling our time. It doesn't matter whether you charge per hour, per day, or per project. It's all about time. Even a per project price is based on a...

Why New Year Resolutions in Australia are hard

Making New Year Resolutions is easy. Keeping them is hard. Keeping New Year Resolutions in Australia is even harder. Why? The seasons don't match In the northern hemisphere, New Year comes in the middle of winter. Christmas and New Year are a bright spot after a time...

Case Study: Implementing a price change smoothly

Pricing seems to be an issue with many of my clients at the moment. I'd like to share a story about a company I used to run and how we managed a successful price increase. The Challenge: unprofitable services We ran IT and telecoms services for clients on a revenue...

How to communicate a price increase

You want to increase prices. But you're scared. What will your clients do? Will some of them leave? On the other hand, your business isn't making money the way it is. So you need to change your pricing. What's the best way to do it? Don't be afraid to increase prices...

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