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Is your marketing message getting through?

Have a look at the photo above. What's the marketing message in each of those oversized outdoor signs? And are those messages clearly communicated? Nowhere near as well as they should be. Which makes them a great subject to explore the tricky business of getting your...

Email list building when you’re not online

Let's take it as read that you believe in email marketing. That you want to send a regular email newsletter, implement some automated email nurtures. You still need an email list to send messages to.  You don't have one. Not even an old list you can clean up. How are...

Building a clean mailing list

As you probably know, I'm a passionate believer in email marketing. Having your own email list and communicating regularly is a simple, low-cost way to build reputation and trust - so people approach you when they're ready to buy. I've written before about setting up...

7 effective marketing strategies for small business

What marketing activities will be most effective for your small to medium service business? It's a challenge. The answer will be different for every single business, but here's my shortlist of effective marketing strategies which work for most businesses. Of course...

5 Ways to Make Your Website Fail

Creating a website is easy. Creating a good website is hard. There are so many things which - if you get them wrong - can destroy all your good work in other areas. Here's a list of website fails - with examples which all come from my personal experience. (None of...

Attention-grabbing ads – beyond the visual

If you google 'attention grabbing ads', you'll find all kinds of really clever (and often really big budget) visual ads, but it may be hard to relate those to an idea for your business. Let alone for your budget. But you still want your ad to capture attention. So how...

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