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Content marketing done for you


We create, optimise and promote blogs from content you provide from a regular basis.

Simply record your content using your phone or PC, send us the file, and we do all the rest of the work.

Why Content Marketing matters for your business

Blog posts

Build SEO

  • More pages on your site means the opportunity to optimise for more keywords
  • More content makes your site more authoritative
  • Original content makes your site more authoritative
  • Regular updates and additions show your site is active

Build credibility

  • Showcase your expertise
  • Answer common client questions
  • Tackle industry issues
  • Cover specific projects or work you do

Social media posts

  • Build presence, profile and credibility
  • Drive traffic to your website

LinkedIn articles

  • Build your personal profile and reputation
  • Generate comments, shares, connections and leads

Basic Content Marketing Package

We create a blog from the content you submit

  • Transcribe your audio recording
  • Edit, proofread and optimise for SEO
  • Select 5-10 potential feature images for your approval (1 stock image per post)
  • License your chosen image and optimise for SEO (filename, size, compression, alt tag etc)
  • SEO optimise other images provided by you (up to 3 per blog)
  • Create a blog post on your WordPress site using above copy and images
  • On approval, publish or schedule post

We create social media posts promoting the blog for up to 3 social media accounts

  • Publish or schedule social media posts as required

We create a draft article in your LinkedIn profile based on the blog post

  • Publish to schedule or leave for you to publish when you wish

Monthly Email Newsletter

We create a draft newsletter template, including unsubscribe functionality compliant with Australian Spam Act legislation.

We update the newsletter every month with content based on and linking to your blog posts, then send a test newsletter for you to approve. After your changes and final approval, we send or schedule as desired.

Content Co-creation

Not sure what topics to cover in your blog posts? Get some expert advice and support.

  • Spend 90 minutes with NoBull Marketing Director Bridget Holland brainstorming content ideas for your industry and your positioning.
  • We use SEO research tools to filter the ideas for those most likely to deliver SEO results.
  • We provide 3-5 questions for each recommended topic.
  • You record the answersto those questions as your blog content.

Minimum of 10 recommended content ideas guaranteed.


Basic Content Marketing Package
Per month
1 blog per month $195
2 blogs per month $370 Save 5%
1 blog every two weeks $380 Save 10%
1 blog every week $695 Save 18%
Monthly newsletter creation
Per session
Blog content co-development

All prices are exclusive of GST. Payment is in advance on a monthly basis. Minimum commitment of 3 months or 5 blog posts, whichever is the shorter.

Ready to get your content marketing into shape?


Services require access to your website and social media accounts. Newsletter service requires access to your email platform.

Service currently available for WordPress websites only.

Social media supported includes Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. This can be business or personal accounts, dependent on your preference. LinkedIn articles are always in a personal LinkedIn account.

Email platforms supported are MailerLite, MailChimp, Zoho.

Please ask us about other social media platforms or email platforms you already use. If we can, we’ll work with you to make it happen.