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If your marketing is underperforming, a marketing audit is often the first step on the road to fixing it.

  • What have you tried?
  • What’s had most success?
  • What failed?

Mistakes are a great way to learn, if only you can bear to examine them.

What information do you have about past campaigns? How have you tracked them?

What messages have worked best with your audience?

What marketing assets have you got? Customer and prospect contact details. Logos. Case studies or testimonials. Images and photographs.

…and how does all that stack up against your competitors?

What can you learn from your previous marketing and from your competition?

How can you use that to get better results?

An experienced marketing eye can assess the value of the marketing you’ve already invested in. Can uncover hidden treasures you should be promoting. Can extract insights from a view of your competitors. All of which sets you up with a clearer picture of where you are right now. What you’re doing right. What you’re missing. How you can do better.

Ask an expert to review your marketing today.


What’s included


The audit requires initial input from the client to clarify and confirm target market(s), key competitors, marketing goals and KPIs.  Additionally NoBull need information about marketing activities to date.  This input can be gathered by meeting or by questionnaire.


Scope of Work

The NoBull team review your marketing to date from two main perspectives: 

Externally – the wider marketing environment 

  • target market(s)
  • market conditions (regulation, economic situation etc)
  • ideal customers, including demographics, psychographics, company size and sector, job title etc as appropriate
  • brand value proposition
  • brand reputation
  • competitor positioning


Internally – your marketing processes and activities to date 

  • marketing and sales processes and alignment
  • marketing team (who, expertise, experience)
  • marketing spend
  • marketing media (web, print, radio, TV etc)
  • marketing channels (which specific websites, magazines, radio stations etc)
  • creative and copy (including website, social media and print content)
  • goals, tracking and results



  • Comprehensive written audit report including:
    • Market outlook and positioning compared to competitors
    • Analysis of marketing activity to date
    • Review and assessment of branding, marketing message, creative, campaigns and return on investment as applicable
    • recommendations on key priorities going forward
  • 1 hour meeting (face-to-face or teleconference) to discuss the report and assist with prioritising / planning for implementation of recommendations


Who is it for?

Any business which

  • wants to get better results from its marketing
  • wants to move its marketing from ‘ad-hoc’ campaigns to a strategic planned approach
  • is planning to expand – to new services, geographic areas or customer bases


Key benefits

A clear understanding of your marketing to date, including what has and has not worked

Identification of current and desired marketing position, plus competitor strengths and weaknesses 

Practical recommendations for better targeted and executed marketing in the future. 

Your website should be your major online marketing asset – and if you want it to generate leads, you need to get it right.

Our free DIY website assessment tool lets you test your website against 7 key reasons websites fail to generate leads. You won’t get an improvement plan, but it will give you some insight!

What Our Clients Say

“Nobull Marketing provides my business actionable recommendations for my marketing strategy. She offers practical advice that makes a difference.”


Sarah Morgan, Morgan Institute

"I got tremendous value and direction out of our meeting"


Carry Ward, Select Words

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