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The website performance improvement plan has a wider remit than the website audit, including website promotion as well as the website itself.  Available budget needs to be apportioned between website improvements and website promotion – there’s no point in having an outstanding website if you don’t have any resources or plan to let your market know about it.

What’s included


Client input is required into

  • Website goals and how performance is tracked
  • Current website promotion, including
    • SEO (onpage factors, plus external links and directories)
    • Social Media presence (unpaid)
    • Digital advertising including Adwords, LinkedIn, Facebook, Bing, digital display etc
    • Third party email campaigns
    • Offpage promotion

Promotion should also align with other sales and marketing activities to get maximum benefit.

The most effective initiation is a workshop session with key stakeholders (Marketing, Sales, IT and other business leaders dependent on the client’s organisational structure).

Scope of work

  • Review of previous website promotion and sales and marketing activities
  • Review of KPIs
  • Investigation of previously untapped promotional channels
  • Review of client’s in-house resources and website supplier base, to identify any expertise or availability gaps

Input from key client stakeholders is required on an ad-hoc basis during this review and planning stage.


  • Draft Performance Improvement Plan, including
    • One off changes to the website
    • Ongoing activity calendar for website (eg blogs, case studies)
    • Ongoing promotional activity calendar (social media, email newsletters, external campaigns etc). This includes an editorial calendar where appropriate.
    • Measurement and tracking plan (KPIs, tools etc)
    • Time / cost allocations for all activities
  • Client stakeholder meeting (1-3 hours dependent on requirements) to review the draft plan
  • Final Performance Improvement Plan
    • includes activities, costs and timing
    • identifies resources responsible for implementation of each activity where possible and highlights gaps.

(We can assist by managing implementation, or we can train and mentor your in-house team build skills).

Who is it for?

Any business wanting to improve website performance

Key benefits

  • Immediately actionable improvement plan,
  • tailored to the client’s unique needs and experience,
  • costed and resourced to client budget


If your website isn’t performing, you need to find out why!

Our free DIY website assessment tool lets you test your website against 7 key reasons websites fail to generate leads. You won’t get an improvement plan, but it will give you some insight!

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