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Hi, I’m Bridget Holland. I’m the owner of NoBull Marketing.

I specialise in copywriting content marketing, so you can

  • connect with your target market
  • convince people that you’re a great company to deal with
  • convert them into clients.

At NoBull Marketing, we work with small to medium businesses of all kinds, but especially those offering services, high value products or custom products. If you run a business like that, you know people need to trust you before they buy from you. We help you build that trust relationship.



 Adam Smith | Owner | Safeguard Pest Management

Why work with me?

1. I’m a writer.

It’s in my blood. I’ve been writing since I was at primary school – and was published in local anthologies too.  I’m also a natural spelling and grammar nerd. I swim in language the way a fish swims in water. Anything I write for you will be full of story, but also correct!

2. I’m an experienced business writer

Creative writing needs to make the reader feel. Business writing also needs to make the reader act. I’ve been doing that for decades. I’ve written:

  • direct mail brochures – for a company which had no sales team, so the brochures drove all the business revenue.
  • cold emails which have convinced people to book appointments, sign up for newsletters and send enquiries.
  • email newsletters to generate additional business from existing customers.
  • website copy and blogs which have enabled clients to rank on page one of Google.
  • case studies and proposals to support clients in winning win major tenders.

3. I’m a business person and a marketer.

I’ve held multiple management roles where I’ve been responsible for revenue and ROI. That means I focus on writing and content strategies which get real business results.
I ran for two years, tripling the revenue so that the owners could sell it to Fairfax for over $38 million. I’ve run startup operations in Australia, the US and Canada, with the Australian business outperforming the UK market within 12 months.

4.  I tell it how it is

There’s a reason my business is called NoBull Marketing. I’ll tell you how I see it – even if that means telling you now’s not the right time to use me. (Sometimes, you need other marketing expertise more!) And if I can’t help you myself, I know someone who can – whether that’s branding, strategy,  web design,paid advertising, photography, video, telemarketing or something else.

5. I’m endlessly curious.

Why does that matter? Because I want to know more about your business and about you. I’ll ask lots of questions to dig deeper, to find out how you’re different, so I can promote you and your company in whatever I write. And I tend to be ridiculously helpful as well.

Enough about me. I’d like to know more about you. Like I said, I’m curious! So if you think I could help you, or that I might know someone who can help you, let’s talk!

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Bridget at NoBull Marketing is a real gem!

I’d put off getting a new website for several reasons, one being my inability to actually put into words what I did practically with my clients.

Enter Bridget! After asking many questions to be sure she really understood, she came up with copy for my website (and subsequently a flyer) which was outstanding. I was totally thrilled with her efforts, her giving nature, her genuine care and her ‘no bull’ approach to the job at hand.

I valued having a human being walking me through this whole process – a real person giving real help really matters to me.

Thanks a million Bridget!!!

Helen Maguire | Owner | Clarity Matters

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“HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! It all sounded great in my head but when I started writing it never came out how I wanted it, no matter how many times I tried. Bridget solved that. I booked in some time, talked to her and that was it. A couple of days later I had all this great content, optimised for SEO and ready to go. That easy. And affordable too.”

Marc Neal | Owner | Demo Pro


“Bridget’s been looking after the Hornet Group marketing for over two years and we’re really happy with the results. It’s not just the website – she’s a master with words for the blog and newsletter too.

Often after a newsletter goes out we get feedback or new orders from existing clients. And publishing on LinkedIn seems to work well in getting new contacts too.”

Ilga Horvat | Operations Manager | Hornet Group

And finally…

The least effort of all!

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