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Do you want your marketing to

      ✓ connect with potential clients

      ✓ convince them you’re worth using

      ✓ convert them to customers

Do you need better words to achieve this? Words which work, harder and smarter, so you can grow your business.

We should talk!

As an experienced copywriter working with service businesses of all kinds, as well as suppliers of high value and customised products, I love wrestling words into shape and getting your message out there loud and clear.

Let’s book a chat to learn more about each other and see whether we can work together.

If you prefer email, there’s a form below, or you can email me at

If you really can’t wait, call me on 0439 033362. (I may be in a meeting or writing for an existing client, in which case I won’t pick up, but I will call you back!)

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“HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! It all sounded great in my head but when I started writing it never came out how I wanted it, no matter how many times I tried. Bridget solved that. I booked in some time, talked to her and that was it. A couple of days later I had all this great content, ready to go. That easy. And affordable too.”

Marc Neal | Owner | Demo Pro

What Our Clients Say


“I never thought I had in me to create a blog. Working with you, you make it so easy.”


Judy Hogarth, KLH Conveyancing

"I never thought I had in me to create a blog. Working with you, you make it easy."

Judy Hogarth | Licensed Conveyancer | KLH Conveyancing

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