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Managing email auto-replies

Today I want to talk about managing auto-replies to email campaigns. What happens after you've sent your email newsletter? There are three things to mention when you get a mass of auto-replies flooding into your inbox. 1) why you need to make sure you actually get a...

5 tips for effective business gifting year round

This is the second post following my interview with Bev Barnfather of Ladybird Gifts. Today we’re looking at effective business gifting throughout the year, rather than just at Christmas. (Read the first post for Christmas gifting tips.) We’re going to use real estate...

‘Thank you’ business gifts – how to tick the boxes

“Strategic gifting”- Bev Barnfather used the phrase when she introduced herself recently and it piqued my interest. I caught up with her to find out more about the effective use of business thank-you gifts. Top three mistakes in business gifts Bev identified three key...

Power words

What are they? You can't get very far in marketing or copywriting without hearing about power words, and everyone has their own power words list. But what are power words? Simply, they're words that have the power to create a reaction and a response. To engage people...

Leverage reviews and testimonials in your marketing

If word of mouth marketing is the best sort of marketing, using reviews and testimonials is the second best! They basically pump up your word of mouth. Now somebody is talking not only to the people they know, but also to other people about your business. Let's look...

Ten marketing tips for small business and startups

Let's start from the principle that you are a small business or even a startup. You don't have much money. You have a lot of time, but you have a lot of things you need to do with your time and you don't have a great number of resources. So how are you going to get...

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