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Website Copywriting Services

Do you need the words on your website to work harder for you?

As an experienced website copywriter, I can help

Great web copy is multi-talented.

It connects, convinces and converts

It embodies you and your business at your best

Plus it’s search – optimised to attract potential clients in the first place

If you want winning copy on your website, we should talk!

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Stand out from the crowd!
Less soulless corporate-speak, more personality

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Prove your value by focusing on what matters to your clients

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Connect with your dream clients by tuning in to their words and way of speaking

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Boost conversions with impactful calls to action and sales-focused messaging, highlighted by a money-hand icon

Convert more business with calls to action and sales-focused copy

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Grow your online presence with words which work for SEO and engage human visitors

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Build your brand and your business with sales-focused storytelling

All my website copywriting projects start in the same way.

I start with you. Your business, your brand, your story.

Your clients, who are at the heart of everything you do.


That’s how I make your web copy work for your business.
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I’d put off getting a new website for several reasons, one being my inability to actually put into words what I did practically with my clients.

Enter Bridget! After asking many questions to be sure she really understood, she came up with copy for my website (and subsequently a flyer) which was outstanding. I was totally thrilled with her efforts, her giving nature, her genuine care and her ‘no bull’ approach to the job at hand.

I valued having a human being walking me through this whole process – a real person giving real help really matters to me.

Thanks a million Bridget!!!“

Helen Maguire | Owner | Clarity Matters


Single page website

Usually not a long-term solution, but the best way to get online fast.

Price: $600

Single page site with sections for

  • Service(s)
  • About
  • Contact details
  • Testimonial(s)
  • Download/subscription

Structured layout so that your web developer knows which content to emphasise


3 page website

Best for businesses with a single service.

Price: $900

Home page plus 2 pages of your choice

  • Service(s)
  • About
  • Contact
  • Other as required

Structured home page layout so that your web developer knows which content to emphasise.

SEO optimised footer content for better search results across all pages.


5 page website

For developed business or those with multiple services. Add more page if required.

Price: $900

Home page plus 4 pages of your choice

  • Individual service page
  • Landing pages for specific target markets
  • Case studies
  • About
  • Contact
  • Other as required

Structured home page layout so that your web developer knows which content to emphasise.

SEO optimised footer content for better search results across all pages.


Prices exclude GST. 50% deposit payable in advance. Terms are negotiable for projects with more than 10 pages.

You’re passionate about your business. I’m passionate about words, writing and getting your message across so you can get business in. I’m committed to creating website copy which works for you.

Unlike other website copywriters, I don’t limit my input to two rounds of revisions. (Although I’ve only had one project to date which has taken more than two revisions, probably thanks to a strong briefing and research process upfront.)


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! It all sounded great in my head but when I started writing it never came out how I wanted it, no matter how many times I tried. Bridget solved that. I booked in some time, talked to her and that was it. A couple of days later I had all this great content, optimised for SEO and ready to go. That easy. And affordable too.

Marc Neal | Owner | DemoPro Australia


What’s your process as a website copywriter?

The first step in every project is to understand your requirements. What does your business do? Who are your clients? What is your goal for this copy / project? How does it fit in with your other marketing activity?

That means I always start by interviewing you. I do this via Zoom and record the meeting so that we both have a reference point.

The next step is research. This includes

  • interviewing people who know your business and what makes it special: you, your staff, clients, others you work closely with
  • reviewing competitor websites, both ones you provide and others we discover
  • SEO research, including assessing potential keyword options to determine search volume and how difficult they are to rank for

I then create a first draft and share it with you. You provide feedback either within the document or via phone or Zoom.

I revise and update. We repeat the process until you are happy.

How long does a website copywriting project normally take?

Most projects take 2-4 weeks. Some are faster. Some drag out. If you have a specific deadline, please share at the start of the project so we can work out a detailed timeline.

Here’s a general outline of how that time is used, along with the common causes of delay.

Interview, research and writing a first draft usually takes one or two weeks. It depends on the number of pages required, the complexity of your business and my other workload at the time.

Revision depends on how long it takes for you to respond to the first draft, as well as how much you want to change. My turnaround time before submitting a second or later draft is usually 2 to 4 business days.

Projects may stretch out due to

  • Delays in receiving information or feedback from you. This often happens when more than one person in your organisation needs to review and approve the copy. Sometimes a key decision-maker has other more urgent priorities.
  • Ensuring legal compliance in heavily regulated industries
  • Ensuring technical accuracy in more technical industries
  • Changes in the brief – sometimes clients decide midway through a project to focus on a different target market or promote a different range of services.
  • Holidays or sickness – either you or me!
  • Interference from other projects
I already have someone working on my SEO. How do you work with them?

If you have another business assisting with your SEO, I would love to speak directly with them (with you present as well) to understand more about what services they are supplying to you.

SEO suppliers may focus on on-page SEO, off-page SEO or both. Website copywriting focuses on on-page SEO plus conversion of visitors to enquiries or sales. To get the best result for you, both I and the SEO company need to be clear what we are doing and where boundaries lie. If I feel there is too much overlap or lack of clarity, I will opt not to work with you. There’s no point in you spending extra money to get no extra value, let alone have to deal with suppliers in conflict with each other!