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90 Day Content Plan

Create content which matters to your clients

People pay attention to what they care about. Don’t just push out post after post. Create content which connects and tells a story. Create content they find, enjoy and remember.

Here’s why you’ll love our 90 day content marketing plan


No stress worrying what to post about. It’s all in the plan!


SEO in advance – we research and provide keywords you can actually rank for


Blog content outlines so you know what to write about


Your original ideas assessed for market relevance


Identify your competition’s top content and compete


Strategic content planning to build expertise in key areas

Start with a brainstorming session and we’ll turn it into blog post topics and outlines for the next 13 weeks. All you have to do is flesh out the points.

Want content that works strategically for your market?

“Content marketing is really like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date.”

(David Beebe)

Want to know what your prospects and customers are really interested in?


Get a 90 Day Content Plan in just 90 minutes of your time


Here’s how we do it:

Before we meet with you
  • We research your market and your competitors using specialist tools. We identify hot topics and top pieces of existing content.
  • We run a content gap analysis to see where you are missing out on topics.
  • We review your existing website content for high performing posts and pages.


When we meet with you
  • We brainstorm with you via provocative questions, quirky challenges and unexpected facts.
  • We create a long list of potential content topics.


After we meet with you
  • We research every single one of those content ideas.
  • We list potential SEO keywords, then we determine search volumes and how difficult it will be to show up in search results.
  • We compile, compare and prioritise to pick the best topics and keywords for you.


We deliver your plan:
  • A blog topic for every week for 90 days.
  • A target keyword for each and every blog topic.
  • A blog content outline (3-7 key points) to guide you from plan to post!


Your 90 Day Content Plan costs just $895 plus GST, payable in advance


“Bridget’s been looking after the Hornet Group marketing for over two years and we’re really happy with the results. It’s not just the website – she’s a master with words for the blog and newsletter too.

Often after a newsletter goes out we get feedback or new orders from existing clients. And publishing on LinkedIn seems to work well in getting new contacts too.”

Ilga Horvat | Operations Manager | Hornet Group

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