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These resources and links are designed to help you get to grips with different aspects of marketing.

If you want to do better marketing yourself,  these resources are just for you. Try them. They should help! If they don’t, tell us!

If you want to outsource your marketing entirely, some of the basic resources will help you understand your marketing provider better. Whether you opt for NoBull or someone else, make sure you know what your provider is talking about –  make sure you get value for your money!

Some of these resources are ours, others are links to the experts we respect and learn from. If there’s something missing you know about and think is fantastic, just let us know!

    Persona Toolkit

    If you think your ideal customer is ‘everyone’, you’re wrong!
    Get a clear picture of who you should be marketing to, and use it for everything from blogs to newsletters to letterbox flyers.

    The kit includes:

    • persona-building questions for B2B and B2C
    • example persona
    • blank persona template for your own ideal client.
      (If you have more than one persona, just duplicate.)

    Get the persona toolkit and tighten your marketing focus

      Power Words Masterlist


      Use these words in your web copy, blogs, email subject lines and social media posts to grab attention.

      1638 power words, compiled from the top 10 lists on the web, so you don’t have to do all that work

        Kickstart your copywriting with power words today.

          DIY Website Assessment

          There are 7 main ways service websites fall down when it comes to lead generation. We’ve covered them in this infographic, but this tool goes a step further.

          Answer 23 simple questions about your site and your business and the tool will auto-magically highlight the areas you need to work on first. Get results faster by doing what matters most.

          Download the Assessment Tool and start fixing your website today!

            Topic-Specific Resource Pages

            Each page gives a beginner’s overview of the topic with links to other pages, websites and resources for that area of marketing.

            Search Engine Optimisation

            Search Engine Marketing / Adwords / PPC

            Email Marketing

            Marketing Automation

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