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How smart is your marketing?

How many of these marketing questions can you answer ‘yes’ to?

1. Do you have a clear picture of your ideal client?

2. Do you know what percent of your business is from repeat customers?

3. Do you know the average lifetime value of your clients?

4. Do you (really) know how happy your clients are with you?

5. Do you know which service you sell the most of?

6. Do you know which of your services brings in the most revenue?

7. Do you know which of your services is most profitable?

8. Do you know which service gets you the most new customers?

9. Do you know who your top 3-5 competitors are?

10. Do you know why people choose you over your competitors? Or them over you?

11. Do you have basic brand consistency?

12. Do you have a website you are happy to send potential clients to?

13. Do you have a budget for marketing in your business plan?

14. Do you have a marketing plan with details of activities and costs?

15. Do you track and review the performance of your marketing activities?

How did you do? Any areas of your marketing you want to rethink?

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