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Is your website performing?

Are you getting traffic?

Are you getting leads?

How do you compare to your competition?

If you’d like a clear and detailed assessment of your website, along with specific, practical recommendations on how to make it work harder, then a website audit is the place to start.

A NoBull expert will review your site

  • in general terms,
  • with reference to your specific business goals, and
  • in comparison to your competitors.

Get in touch today to arrange a website audit for your site.

What’s included


The audit requires some initial input from the client to clarify and confirm website goals, key competitors, current technology platforms, tracking and reporting.  This input can be gathered by meeting or by questionnaire. Full access to tracking data enables a more comprehensive and useful audit.

Scope of work

The audit examines all aspects of the website including

  • Comparison to competitor sites (traffic, ranking, features)
  • Audience statistics (users, sessions, session duration, frequency, demographics etc)
  • Where traffic is coming from (and not coming from)
  • Technical performance (mobile appearance, reliability, broken links and 404s, speed of load)
  • Layout and navigation
  • Content (general content quality, specific content elements, calls to action, conversion funnels)
  • SEO (metadata, copy, image alt tags)
  • Security, privacy and legal considerations

During the audit the client site and competitor sites are reviewed by experienced staff.  This manual process is supported by a range of automated test tools which provide empirical data to add depth and reliability to the audit.  This ensures the client receives more than simply a ‘personal opinion’ of their site.


  • Comprehensive written audit report including:
    • Competitive comparison
    • Recommendations for improvement
    • Copies of automated tool reports identifying technical issues
  • 1 hour meeting (face-to-face or teleconference) to discuss the report and assist with prioritising / planning for implementation of recommendations


Who is it for?

Any business which

  • wants to get better results from its website
  • wants to know how its website compares to direct competitors
  • is planning a website initiative such as an upgrade or revamp.

Key benefits

Understanding of competitive position Site-specific recommendations which form the basis of an improvement action plan *** If the main goal of your website is lead generation, you can  get free DIY website assessment tool to perform a basic review of your site yourself.

What Our Clients Say

“Nobull Marketing provides my business actionable recommendations for my marketing strategy. She offers practical advice that makes a difference.”


Sarah Morgan, Morgan Institute

"I got tremendous value and direction out of our meeting"


Carry Ward, Select Words

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