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What’s your website for? For most of our clients (and for a great many other service businesses), the website has one main purpose. It’s meant to generate leads.

So why do so many websites fail to generate leads?

Knowing what’s wrong with your site is the first step in fixing it. We took the top reasons and made them into a simple infographic. Check it out.infographic-7-reasons-websites-fail-to-generate-leads-365x1024.png

Does this give you some ideas about what’s hurting your lead generation? Which of the top seven apply to you?

  1. Volume of traffic
  2. Quality of Traffic
  3. Technical site performance
  4. No value on your site
  5. No reason to trust you
  6. No obvious contact details
  7. No reason to contact you

If you’re still not sure what’s the biggest issue on your site, download our website assessment tool, designed specifically for lead generation websites?

You’ll get a ‘traffic light’ rating for each of the reasons websites fail to generate leads. Green for good, red for bad and amber for the ones in the middle. So you can start with the red flags, fix the biggest issues first and get your leads flowing in.

Of course, some of these lead generation challenges are easier to fix than others.

  • Making your contact details more visible is a one-off, relatively simple task. (I’ve recently dealt with two companies which didn’t have a contact page on their website at all. Immediate opportunity for improvement.)
  • Case studies and testimonials usually need more effort, especially if you want to create a really convincing case study. But hopefully you’ve got a few customers you can approach to get this done. And each one is still a one-off task.
  • Blogging content, on the other hand, requires ongoing effort. Especially since that content needs to be relevant to your ideal customer. And you still need to promote it so people know it’s there!
  • What if you don’t know who your ideal customer is? It might be time to revisit your marketing strategy. To develop some personas.

Hopefully you now have some ideas how you can improve your website to generate a steady stream of leads. Get more inspiration from this list of 27 ways to optimise lead conversion online.

If this post helped, please let us know as it’ll make us feel good. (We like to be useful!)

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