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Not every blog writing service is created equal. We like to think that our Voice-to-Blog service is one of the best. Here are five ways it’s not only different, but better.

1. We give you a full blog, not just copy

It’s not really a blog writing service, it’s a blog service.

Everyone will give you copy. Most of them will optimise that for SEO as well. But a blog needs more than copy.  So we also source, licence and optimise a feature image – and we can optimise other images you provide to go in the blog post as well. Plus, we publish and/or schedule your blogs on your website. It’s a full service, taking all the pain out of the process. All you have to do is choose your images from a curated selection, and approve the copy.

NoBull Marketing blog writing service

2. We include social media posts to promote each blog

All too often, the ‘marketing’ part of ‘content marketing’ gets forgotten. We make promotion easy by creating four social media posts for each and every blog article we write. You can publish these to one or more of your platforms on a schedule of your choosing.

The beauty of this is that we know the blog content intimately and we can pick the stand-out points which will generate interest. We also know which social media platforms you’re using, so we can tailor to your social media.

And all those social media posts include images, text and hashtags. Ready to go.

blog social media promotion

3. We make sure we get your stories

A standard blog writing service will create content based your brief and online research. The problem with this is you rarely get anything new – instead, you get what we call ‘me-too’ content. But Google, your website visitors and your potential clients all want something fresh and original.

Our process is completely different. We interview you via an online call, which we record so we can capture your language, your stories and your experience. The interactive format means we can ask questions and focus on areas of interest. Get stories and examples which illustrate your points, and are completely original.

We pick the best parts of the interview to create a structured blog. We add calls to action. But we keep your content and your voice. So you have something truly original online – and even better, it’s automatically tailored to your style. So when visitors reach out and you end up talking to them, there’s no disconnect. Your blog is authentic.

4. We’re time efficient, super time efficient

Writing a brief for an outsourced blog article can be almost as painful – and certainly as time-consuming! – as writing the blog post itself would have been. One of the advantages of our interview process is how much time it saves you.

People speak on average at 140 words per minute and people type on average at 30 to 40 words per minute.

speaking vs writing number of words per minute

By recording an interview, we can capture much more information from you, much more quickly than by any other process. A one hour interview with a client is enough time to cover off three blog topics. Very often we also unearth a real life experience which is interesting enough to create a fourth blog. Those ones are gold – completely original content which is completely relevant to your target market. That kind of magic can’t happen with a standard research-based blog writing service.

5. We offer unlimited revisions and an unlimited word count

long road

Most blog writing services have different pricing for different length blog posts. We don’t.

Most set a limit of two or three rounds of revisions. We don’t.

We write a blog which is the right length for the ideas you have to share or the story you have to tell. And we’ll change it as many times as needed, until you’re happy with it. Because we want to deliver a blog which says what you want to say, in a beautifully optimised way, in good language, which you are proud to have on your website.

As a side note, I don’t think we’ve ever gone beyond three or maybe four revisions. Fixed pricing means we’re incentivised to get your blog right as quickly as possible, and our model means we have your language as a starting point. Add in that all our editing is done by native English speakers with university qualifications and writing experience, and you can see why even our first drafts are usually accurate and high quality. (We can also distinguish UK, US and Australian English, so wherever you’re based, we can get the language right for you.)

Your business expertise. Our blogging and marketing expertise. Plus a process which makes it easy and time-efficient to produce high quality original content and grow your traffic, your brand and your business. That’s what our service is all about. If that sounds good to you, let’s talk!


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