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In 2020, we’re looking to grow, connect and add more value. This includes trying to make our blogs and emails more useful – which is why I’ve been running a Small Business Marketing Survey to find out what matters to you.

The survey will close on 17 January, so this is your last chance to have your say. I’d love to hear from as many people as possible, so feel free to share the link as well. It only takes 3-4 minutes to complete the entire thing.

I’ve also taken a sneak peek at results to date, to find out what areas of marketing you most want to learn more about. I’ll be focusing on these in future posts.

Blogging and Content Marketing

Funnily enough, this is a big one for us too. Last year, when it was just me working here, I struggled to keep content going out regularly. Then in August I took on an assistant, and things have got so much better. And are going to be even better in 2020!

Top tip for content marketing – it’s as much about marketing as it is about content.

It doesn’t matter how good your blog posts or articles are if no one reads them. So you need to promote. Email, social media, your own site home page. Conversations you have online or in person.

A couple of articles from the archive which may help if you’re blogging:

Email Marketing

Here’s a topic dear to my heart. The one marketing channel every small business should use is email. Build your contact list and keep in touch! (It’s our top priority for 2020 at NoBull, by the way.)

The way to succeed at email marketing is to start simple and gradually build. Consistently. Here’s a post from late last year which looks at different stages of email marketing.


Search Engine Optimisation – the art of appearing in Google searches without paying Google. Sadly, many businesses end up paying someone else a lot more than they would have paid Google – and still don’t show up.

One thing to remember about SEO is that it is always a long term game.

In small business marketing, there’s a tendency to want results quickly. But there are no quick fixes in SEO. Don’t let that put you off – it can be really worthwhile, especially for a local business. Just realise that you need to start now and you probably need to do something else in the meantime while you build results.

This SEO resources page lists some practical basics you can implement right now.

Social Media

Social Media is a whole world in itself. So many platforms. Organic and paid options. And everything  social-media-platforms-marketingchanging all the time. No wonder it’s confusing.

NoBull Marketing is too small to keep up. So we opt to work with social media experts – many of whom are expert in certain platforms only so they can keep up! We’ll be asking them to contribute their expertise over the year.

Advice for now? Pick one or two social media platforms to invest your time and money in. Anything else and you’ll be spread too thin.

Managing suppliers

Managing suppliers of any kind is tough. And managing marketing suppliers is usually worse.

There’s often a huge creative element. Websites, branding, collateral.

There may also be different definitions of success. The SEO agency helped you rank in Google for specific keywords. But you didn’t get any more enquiries.

Top tip – start the relationship right. Help your marketing supplier to help you.

A good marketing brief will help your supplier understand what you want. Later in the year we’ll look at options for when things go off-track.

Tracking results and ROI

Here’s another topic dear to my heart! marketing-priorities-kpis

Sales is measured by revenue, but marketing isn’t. Marketing works earlier in the piece – you aim to generate awareness, positive reputation, leads. How can a small business measure these? And which measures are important? Something else we’ll dig into.

For starters, here are the two most important KPIs in marketing.

So those are the topics we’re going to focus on in the 2020 blog and newsletter. They’re based on what you told us, so here’s hoping we can add value.

Enough about us, though! What about you? Have you thought about your 2020 marketing? If not, maybe look at the list above and pick one area where you can invest some time and effort to get better results.



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